How the AKSS is built

Each AKSS is individually hand-built to exacting standards using the most up-to-date and high specification materials. The body and chassis are manufactured in-house in our production room in Peterborough, England. The original Jaguar XK engine is completely stripped, cleaned, and rebuilt using parts from UK suppliers to the original specification. Some modified engine parts are used to improve the performance and reliability of the engine further. The engine is then installed into the chassis and mated with a completely refurbished 5 speed gearbox, with a specially constructed propshaft, completing the drive train to the rear differential.

The body is assembled onto the chassis to ensure perfect fit and alignment before going off to the paint shop. The painted body then returns to the assembly facility for careful re-attachment of the exterior brightwork. Finally, the interior and dashboard are fitted.

Each car must then be presented for the Department of Transport IVA test. This is a detailed scrutineering of all aspects of build quality and safety and covers such essential items as brake performance and balance, correct glass certification, and compliance with exhaust emissions regulations. Only then can each car be road tested to arrive at a perfect setup for speed, handling, comfort, and safety.

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