About JFG Classics

JFG Classics was formed in 2018 by three friends and colleagues with a mutual passion for all things automotive. Neil Johnson, Jon Freeman, and Andy Green decided to combine their talents in late 2018 when they formed JFG Classics to produce the AKSS. They are all three very much hands-on car builders and production engineers with extensive experience of car development and manufacture. The AKSS is built in a production facility in Peterborough, England, which is shared with its long-established sister sportscar the AK Cobra.


Neil Johnson, though an Ophthalmic surgeon by training, has been interested in modifying cars since tinkering with a 1380 Cooper S on the roadside as a student. He has completed an LS3 engined Cobra, a 347 cu in Small Block Ford GT 40, and is now working on an MGTF based Ferrari Dino replica.

Jon Freeman is the managing director of AK Sportscars, and as such has developed and improved his father's original Cobra design over the last 20 years. His extensive experience in composites and chassis design has made the current generation III AK Cobra one of the best available today. Jon has brought all of his wide-ranging practical experience to the development of the superb AKSS. We have used his tried and tested generation III Cobra chassis as a basis for the AKSS.

Andy Green is a qualified mechanical engineer and has worked for many years as a development engineer for a British mainstream car manufacturer. Andy's knowledge of a wide variety of engines has been put to good use in building a fully renovated and upgraded XK engine, hand-built for each individual car. Andy has designed and machined the many modifications required to produce a smooth, reliable, IVA compliant engine.