Introducing the AKSS

<span class='akss'>AKSS</span> silhouette

Historic charm with modern engineering

The AKSS recreates the iconic lines of a British sports car of the 1950s. Manufacture of the AKSS builds upon 30 years experience from its sister company, AK Sportscars, who have achieved an unrivalled reputation in the quality, reliability, and durability of their AK-427 Cobra replica.

Classic style

The beautiful flowing lines of the AKSS produces a replica of timeless design. Even the fuel injection throttle bodies recreate the presence of triple twin-choke Weber carburettors.

Exhilarating performance

The fuel-injected 4.2 litre Jaguar XK engine is tuned to ensure that rapid progress can be made with ease on the open road. Yet with a wide power band, the AKSS remains docile in traffic to allow fuss-free urban driving.

Modern road manners

Using modern brake pad material and discs on all four wheels, the AKSS provides reassuring stopping power to match the performance in any conditions. Modern independent suspension on all four wheels ensures that the driver can explore the dynamic abilities of the car to the full whilst retaining a comfortable ride on longer journeys.

Exclusive Ownership

Each AKSS is an individually hand-built vehicle ensuring limited production. Only a lucky few will be able to own this elegant style icon and experience the pride and enjoyment that ownership brings.

Green <span class='akss'>AKSS</span>

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